HRS, the corporate travel and payment technology platform, announced the integration of GeoSure into its lodging and meetings procurement service. GeoSure is a safety awareness and risk assessment company that analyzes regional, national and local data to generate neighborhood safety scores across eight key categories. GeoSure’s secure APIs, according to an announcement, enable real-time security updates and awareness for HRS clients, seamlessly feeding fresh security scoring and data trend insights on issues such as safety for women, daytime/evening security, LGBTQ+/diversity ratings, theft occurrence and more. Tobias Ragge, CEO of HRS, said security concerns are more prominent than ever as corporate hotel program leaders incorporate numerous factors into their lodging decision-making processes. “We’re all striving to elevate the business traveler’s experience on the road,” said Ragge. “That starts only with the confidence that their company is recommending audited hotels in safe neighborhoods.” GeoSure’s AI-infused solution, he said, “aligns with our technology-first approach to enhancing all elements of business travel.”