HRS, the corporate travel and payment technology platform, announced the acquisition of German-based Paypense. Only two years since launch, according to an announcement, Paypense’s open platform has already made inroads with a broad range of corporations, enabling employees to use digital payment technology to pay for all work-related purchases. This solution, said the announcement, ensures compliance to budgets while also capturing relevant data for auditing, steering and sustainability metrics. Tobias Ragge, CEO of HRS, said HRS Pay, reinforced by years of proprietary investments and the 2021 purchase of Itelya to propel the digital transformation of payment, is taking the next step in delivering an exceptional “in destination experience” for corporate employees. Paypense, he said, provides intelligent spend management services for managers and employees alike, whether they are on the road for weeks at a time or supporting a one-day, off-site event that doesn’t require travel. This acquisition, said Ragge, “represents a new milestone for HRS Pay as we continue to focus on elevating employee satisfaction.” Kurt Knackstedt, chief growth officer of HRS Pay, said that with the acquisition, HRS Pay now offers truly holistic spend management solutions covering not only travel-related spend, but also non-travel, localized spend that accounts for significant expenses. With the full integration of Paypense, he said, HRS Pay’s complete end-to-end spend management platform “provides unmatched visibility of level-3 data, multi-category invoice digitization, and superior VAT reclaim automation — all available globally via any payment provider.”