If they stay on their current trajectory, hotel market rates will hit 2019 levels before the end of this year, according to an analysis by Tripbam, the hotel shopping and data analytics platform. Other trends noted in a report called “Q2 2021: The Steady Climb Toward Post-Pandemic Recovery” are: Corporate travelers continue to book publicly available rates more often than static negotiated rates (47% vs. 26%); globally, length of stay and cancellations are back to 2019 levels; and rate volatility has declined slightly between the first and second quarters of this year – down from 18% to 16%. The report had advice for travel managers, including: Provide dynamic discounts with an established rate cap (set in the online booking tool) for the rest of 2021 and 2022 to manage rate spikes; push for automatically renewed deals to avoid the annual RFP process in the future; adopt a continuous sourcing strategy to add preferred hotel agreements as needed; use rate reshopping to secure savings, as volatility will persist through 2021 and beyond; and shift travelers to preferred properties and chains providing more attractive discounts.