Hickory Global Partners, a global corporate travel alliance for travel management companies, corporate travel departments (CTDs) and corporations; and Gopass Global, a travel risk management company, have entered into a new partnership that will offer what the companies call the most comprehensive and robust risk assessment tool on the market to Hickory’s membership. The partnership includes Hickory’s over 2,500 member TMCs, CTDS and corporate direct clients being able to take advantage of either web-based solutions or directly integrating into existing systems and processes through the Gopass Global API. Chris Dane, president of Hickory, said “being on the forefront of pre-travel risk management during the times we are currently in will prove especially beneficial for our members and their clients.” The Gopass Global platform provides agents and travelers with an end-to-end view of all the aspects of a journey and the traveler’s risk of exposure in the whole cycle. Agents can obtain a risk score per segment and itinerary, enabling them to clearly identify the lowest risk routes overall. This allows them to show clients how much biosecurity risk various flight and itinerary options involve.