Hahn Air, a German airline that also operates a distribution system, announced a partnership with Veritree, a technology platform enabling and tracking global restoration projects. The carrier committed to restoring coastal mangrove forests in Kenya and Madagascar by planting 150,000 trees, which equals an area of 37 acres. The tree population, once matured, will capture and store an average of 32,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Kirsten Rehmann, Hahn’s CEO, said the partnership is the first of a number of nature-positive initiatives the company is implementing. They include reducing the carbon footprint of its flights, its business operations and its business travel activities. Alexander Proschka, executive vice president-commercial, said the carrier is also looking into solutions for travel agency and airline partners. He said it is a goal to offer carbon compensation options for flights distributed through Hahn Air in the future. Veritree serves as a fully integrated management system that connects businesses like Hahn Air directly with the local planting and execution teams on site. Through proof-of-stake blockchain technology, Veritree ensures transparency and traceability of the tree-planting activities. The trees planted through the Veritree platform are tracked via QR codes to validate, monitor and analyze the planting progress.