Hahn Air, the German scheduled and executive charter airline, was granted NDC Certification Level 3 status under the NDC (New Distribution Capability) Certification Program provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Christopher Allison, head of NDC at Hahn Air, said the carrier is well on its way to making its own flights and the content of partner airlines available to travel sellers via NCD in 190 markets worldwide. In the coming months, he said, Hahn Air will connect additional agencies, aggregators and partner airlines to its platform. It will also introduce new features such as more forms of payment, support for itinerary changes and ancillary content such as additional baggage and seat reservations. The certification follows the launch of Hahn Air’s NDC platform announced in August. The platform allows airlines of any business model to introduce NDC to their distribution mix and thereby extend their global customer base, while providing travel agencies worldwide with access to content via Hahn Air’s NDC APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It also offers distribution opportunities for airlines that are already NDC-capable.