GlobalStar Travel Management, a worldwide travel management association, has announced a partnership with Trees4Travel, an environmental technology company. Together, according to the announcement, the two organizations “will work towards making travel planet and people positive, using carbon management technology to calculate and help reduce emissions impact.”

Julian Russell, executive director of IT and supplier relations at GlobalStar, said that while everyone wants to do something to protect and preserve the planet, “especially working in travel there are so many options and so much to do, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.”

GlobalStar’s partner agencies across the network, said Russell, are already working with clients to advise and support multiple ESG (environmental, social and corporate guidance) initiatives. “We wanted to do the same for our organization,” he said.

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In partnering with Trees4Travel, said Russell, GlobalStar not only experiences and uses its carbon management technology, but can also contribute to something equally positive through their reforestation programs. A recent partner conference, he said, saw GlobalStar add 396 trees to a reforestation program in Haiti while also removing 64,984 kilograms of carbon equivalent through United Nations Certified Emissions Reduction renewable energy projects. “It’s a start that we are proud of,” he said.

Image: J.M. Image Factory/Shutterstock