The GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) European Conference, scheduled for Berlin on Dec. 6-8, has been postponed because of tightening restrictions around COVID-19. According to a statement from the organizers, the decision was a result of new and dynamic developments around the Omicron variant, and newly instated travel and meeting restrictions. The event, which is organized by GBTA and the German Business Travel Association (VDR), is being rescheduled for late February/early March with exact dates to be confirmed. The event had already been postponed from October when it was to be held in Wiesbaden. In a statement on the GBTA website, CEO Suzanne Neufang said the organization encourages countries and governments to work collectively to pursue consistent policies that avoid new travel bans, and instead to focus on individual traveler risk, increased vaccinations and ongoing testing protocols. The more people who are vaccinated and with appropriate testing protocols in place, she said, the more safely and consistently business travel can return, along with a robust return to doing business.