The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) expressed concern about the patchwork reopening of European Union countries to outside travel. In a statement, the association said that despite a recommendation by the European Commission to gradually start reopening external borders as of July 1, the travel sector fears that EU countries may continue to act unilaterally, leading to the patchwork of rules and confusion already being experienced with the reopening of Europe’s internal borders this month. Scott Solombrino, GBTA’s CEO, said that global travel will be the driving force of the post-COVID recovery, allowing individuals to reconnect, place skills where they are most needed, boost employment and help resurrect economies. The GBTA statement said that in addition to the health and safety protocols developed by the transport and travel sector, the business travel community also expects prompt initiatives by governments to reopen borders in a safe and coordinated way.  Said Solombrino, “Uncoordinated measures will add further strain on citizens and travel operators alike as business depends on seamless cross-border travel.”