Festive Road, a travel and meetings management consultancy, launched a Strategic Travel Management Program (STMP) blueprint at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) 2022 Convention in San Diego. Festive Road will use the STMP as a blueprint to guide clients to think more strategically about their program. Caroline Strachan, managing partner, said that how people work has changed; therefore, travel management has to change. Once an organization understands the purpose of its travel investment, she said, all other program priorities and decisions flow from there. The STMP, said Strachan, enables the client to logically work through the new era for travel management from that starting point.

In its work with travel buyers around the world, according to an announcement, Festive Road finds that most travel teams are desperate to focus on program strategy yet continuously get pulled into the daily operational challenges of travel management. Indeed, there are many factors impacting travel programs as the industry emerges from the pandemic — from ongoing remote or hybrid work environments, to emerging technology providers offering microservices, to a renewed focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) and more. The STMP blueprint helps travel buyers balance it all. Once purpose has been established, said the announcement, clients determine how they want to weigh the anchoring factors of cost, customer and care, and design the rest of their travel program to bring that philosophy to life throughout the traveler’s journey. Travel buyers can get started with the STMP in a half-day workshop facilitated by Festive Road, or take a deeper dive via a monthlong, end-to-end strategy exercise that combines internal company dynamics with Festive Road’s external market expertise.