FCM, the travel management company, announced a partnership with South Pole, a specialist in global climate action, to launch a new global carbon offsetting program. In addition, FCM has announced that it will offset all staff travel worldwide once pandemic restrictions allow employees to travel for business purposes again. This step will also be backdated to 2019. The South Pole partnership will allow FCM to support multinational clients in setting up a net zero solution to naturalize the carbon impact of their business travel and will make a significant difference in helping them meet their sustainability goals. It enables clients to offset against global flights, hotel accommodation, rail bookings, car rental and other business travel components. FCM can calculate, record and report monthly or quarterly CO2 emissions globally per item for each client, who can then choose from specific climate action projects against which to offset their total carbon footprint. FCM and South Pole have compiled a list of 12 positive environmental impact projects worldwide, including forestry conservation or restoration and community energy or water programs. Marcus Eklund, managing director, FCM, said sustainability has moved higher up on customers’ business travel agenda, despite the impact of Covid-19. In fact, after the travel bans of 2020 enabled companies to reduce their carbon footprint from travel significantly, he said, “many are not only re-emphasizing their overall environmental objectives post-Covid, they’re making them an integral part of travel policies and RFPs.”