Fareportal has joined the UATP network and says it is the first online travel agency (OTA) to issue UATP accounts. UATP is a global payment solution owned and operated by the world’s airlines. The partnership allows for reduced distribution costs using the airlines' own lower cost form of payment, UATP.  Fareportal is active with live accounts. Sam Jain, CEO of Fareportal, said that with so many airline partners participating in UATP, becoming an issuer “just made good sense.” Ralph Kaiser, CEO of UATP said that becoming a UATP issuer is a smart move by Fareportal. He said focusing on B2B initiatives with the UATP partnership, Fareportal “will be market-ready and become a driving force during the industry recovery and beyond.” Fareportal says it has a unique hybrid business model that bridges the gap between an OTA and a traditional travel agency and provides a wide-ranging customer base to its airline partners.