FairFly, a data solution company for the travel industry, has introduced a free module and platform upgrade that enables current FairFly customers to superimpose layovers, destinations and future itineraries with areas affected by Covid-19 (coronavirus) as well as other meaningful risk data from the World Health Organization and other national health agencies. Building on existing travel advisories, FairFly looks not only at when a traveler has arrived at a higher-risk destination but continually applies and updates new risk areas in real time. This means that previously approved and booked itineraries are flagged through an alert when new restrictions are applied. With various countries providing different levels of containment, delay and treatment tactics, these new travel insights allow travel managers to act quickly to mitigate risk. FairFly has added the ability to contact travelers directly from the platform and determine who may need special care, proactive support or medical attention upon repatriation. FairFly also measures cancellation costs and change fees to ensure financial implications are accrued accurately to identify the direct economic impact to the business.