The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported that the rate of unruly passengers had decreased early in the year, but the agency also indicated it might move toward even less tolerance for bad behavior among airline passengers. The FAA reported that there had been 76 total reports as of Jan. 11, with 43 of those categorized as “mask-related incidents.” The FAA said that at least one investigation has been initiated out of the total of those cases and one enforcement action had to be taken. Passengers who are deemed unruly can face up to $37,000 in fines per violation, as part of the FAA's Reauthorization Bill, which is an increase from the previous maximum civil penalty per violation, which was at $25,000. According to FAA regulations, one incident can result in more than one violation, and violators can also be prosecuted under criminal charges. Although the rate of incidents on commercial flights has dropped since punishments were increased, there is still "more work to do," FAA said.