Egencia has launched a Wellbeing Dashboard. Travel metrics in the dashboard help companies design travel policies that incorporate traveler well-being.

Egencia Consulting created the dashboard, according to an announcement, in response to customer demand for a tangible way to measure traveler well-being. The dashboard is available to all Egencia and American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) clients. (Egencia is owned by Amex GBT.) Dashboard metrics include:

• Percentage of same-day trips or trips above the number of days set by the client

• Percentage of trips that include weekend travel

• Key performance indicators (KPIs) benchmarked against other clients

By benchmarking metrics against other businesses, according to the company, clients access a range of best practice guidelines based on typical traveler behaviors. This can be segmented by sector or travel spend. For example, based on the averages surfaced by the benchmarking data, a business might decide that the majority of business trips should last three days or less to limit the impact on employees’ well-being.

John Sturino, Egencia’s vice president - product and technology, said, “The new world of work has made it more important than ever for companies to ensure they’re focusing on their employees’ well-being.” Businesses know that travel has an effect on employee stress and fatigue, he said, but without clear metrics it’s hard to know what changes might help. “We therefore designed the Wellbeing Dashboard,” said Sturino, “to give customers the data they need to design a well-being-conscious travel policy.”

Image: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock