Egencia customers can now access special air fares negotiated with domestic and international airlines by American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) through the existing Egencia Preferred Rate (EPR) program. The program expansion is part of an accelerated investment in Egencia, which GBT bought from Expedia in 2021. GBT’s negotiated rates span more than 90 airlines, according to an announcement, saving customers up to 25% on top air routes. The expanded EPR program allows customers to access even more discounted fares, in addition to more competitive, differentiated content, route coverage and fully flexible terms and conditions on key airlines and routes. Mark Hollyhead, president of Egencia, said that since the acquisition closed in November, the company has been focusing on delivering “tangible, bankable value to customers.” In a short time, he said, “we have brought even more choice to the EPR program for more substantial saving opportunities and differentiated content.” For organizations that have pre-existing corporate deals with airlines in place, the EPR program helps fill in inventory and discount gaps. For customers without the volume to negotiate preferred deals, the EPR program now lets them benefit from the fares. No minimum-spend commitments apply, enabling customers of all sizes and segments to access savings. Travelers and travel arrangers can now access new discounted rates through Egencia’s existing, integrated multichannel booking experience. In addition, said the announcement, corporate travel managers will continue to benefit from Egencia’s risk management and reporting tools and Egencia Savings Finder for Air.