The two biggest worries affecting frequent business travelers globally are homelife deterioration and putting pressure on colleagues, according to new research from CWT. The survey revealed that 22% of respondents believe their business travel commitments erode the quality of their relationships and home life, while 21% worry their families think they prefer traveling for work to their day-to-day home-life responsibilities. On the professional side, 22% feel guilty that their colleagues have to bear the load of their work while they are absent, 21% stress over spending too much time with co-workers or clients, and 14% are concerned about the difficulty of staying in touch with people in their main office. When looking at regional differences among frequent business travelers, Americans are in general the biggest worriers versus their European and Asia-Pacific counterparts. The survey showed 26% of Americans believe their home and personal relationships suffer versus 23% of Europeans and 18% of Asia-Pacific travelers. It also showed 23% of Americans claim that spending too much time with co-workers or clients on the road can be stressful versus the same percentage of Europeans and 19% of Asia-Pacific travelers.