Delta Air Lines and Sabre announced a “transformative global distribution agreement” that will evolve their long-standing partnership and drive change in the travel industry through commercial and technological innovation. The new, multi-year distribution agreement represents, according to an announcement, is an industry-first model that creates value for the entire travel ecosystem, including travel agencies and travelers. Jeff Lobl, managing director – global distribution for Delta, said, “Our vision is to shift the mindset of the entire ecosystem toward modern retailing, selling customers what they want, where they want it and how they want it across all channels.” Aligning the interests of the global travel marketplace, the companies expect the innovative distribution agreement to transform the way travel partners do business – ensuring Sabre-connected travel buyers continue to have access to Delta’s content globally and enabling Delta to continue to extend its reach with Sabre’s valuable network of global travel buyers. Wade Jones, chief product officer for Sabre Travel Solutions, said,  “This new agreement is one example of that partnership philosophy, and our innovation to transform our storefront experience reinforces this by ensuring Delta and Sabre’s mutual customers can shop with confidence and see the value of the offerings available to them.” The New Airline Storefront, developed by Sabre in collaboration with Delta, CWT and other partners, is now fully available in Sabre Red 360 and provides digital “shelves” that better organize an airline’s offerings in a side-by-side display to enhance the traveler’s shopping experience. Erik Magnuson, vice president-product management, mobility & payments for CWT, said Sabre’s new airline storefront and rich content makes it easier to understand new airline product offerings and simplifies the purchasing decision.  He said CWT is “a strong supporter of a collaborative approach to address an improved user experience for our counselors; equating to a better trip planning experience for the traveler,” He added, “We see the storefront as another big step in providing the best value and personalization our customers demand.”