Deem, a provider of mobile and cloud technology for corporate travel, is integrating ATPCO’s UTA’s, a type of Routehappy Rich Content. The aim is to quickly communicate useful, visual information about the benefits and restrictions of the services that passengers purchase. The new content features will be available to users in mid-May. John Rizzo, CEO of Deem, said that with rapid changes in the travel industry, particularly now, “upping the value technology can bring to travelers and agents is key.” Carrie DeMoss, head of customer integrations for ATPCO, said the consumer-friendly content informs shoppers of refundability, boarding priority, baggage allowance and more and helps to “de-commoditize” flight shopping. The rich content integration, according to an announcement, will further optimize Deem Work Fource with reliable airline details that travelers need to make the right decisions for their trips. Work Fource is Deem’s managed travel solution.