Corporate Travel Management reported a fiscal year 2022 EBIDTA (earnings before interest, depreciation, taxes and amortization) of $41.3 million, improving from a loss of $4.98 million in fiscal year 2021. The results, according to a statement, were led by the Australian company’s increasing exposure to North America and Europe and strong market share gains. The fourth quarter was the key driver of the result, with CTM earning revenue and other income of $97.3 million and EBIDTA of $24.7 million. Corporate travel demand, said the statement, remained strong in North America, with the region leading the company in new client wins and revenue recovering to 73% of the levels seen in fiscal year 2019. Kevin O’Malley, CEO for North America, said the region continues to grow in its contribution to CTM’s global business, contributing 56% of the company’s total revenue and other income. He said CTM sees a huge opportunity for further growth in the North America market as the travel manager of choice for regional and global travel programs, thanks to its unique approach to proprietary technology development and “servicing capabilities that are providing seamless support for our customers in every market they operate in.” Jamie Pherous, CTM’s managing director, said that following the removal of most border and travel restrictions globally, the fourth quarter momentum “makes us optimistic for the future, and we are pleased that the business has successfully translated that momentum into earnings.”