Corporate Travel Management (CTM), a TMC, has signed a multiyear sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) agreement with Delta Air Lines. The three-year deal, according to an announcement, will reduce lifecycle emissions by 209 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 256 acres of U.S. forests. This partnership is the first multiyear SAF commitment for Delta and, according to an announcement, “builds on the growing list of travel management companies and corporate partners that share in Delta’s commitment to bolster the future of sustainable air travel.” Kevin O’Malley, CEO of CTM-North America, said the company “is proud to take this next long-term step alongside Delta in supporting the lasting sustainability of our planet by reducing the impact of business travel on the environment.” And Amelia DeLuca, managing director-sustainability for Delta, said these partnerships are “a core driver” for decreasing the aviation industry’s reliance on conventional jet fuel and encouraging the economic viability of SAF by building industry demand and supply.