The coronavirus crisis might drive broad implications for business travel technology, according to a new report from the Association for Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), in collaboration with Deem, a corporate travel technology company. The report, “Technology Planning in Crisis: A Multi-Generational View,” finds that comfort with technology, as well as values and views of business travel, drive generational variance in business travel behavior. But with the crisis putting travel on hold, these findings take on a different kind of significance: The technology that younger generations of business travelers have relied on could have broader implications for businesses overall as they move further toward remote work. Travel buyers say that, generationally, travelers’ behavior and practices vary most in their use of mobile booking (61%), indicating that innate comfort with technology affects whether travelers use mobile tools or continue to lean on more traditional means. Leigh Bochicchio, executive director, said the study was begun to focus on the needs of the multi-generational workforce and how to make the travel experience seamless across generations, but many findings can be informative for the larger business community as more and more operations are made remote and moved online.