Corporate Traveller, a travel management company, has signed a global agreement with Thrust Carbon to provide emission information to enable customers to track and measure their carbon footprint and help them select more environmentally friendly travel options. Mark Corbett, founder and director of Thrust Carbon, said travelers need to understand the emissions cost of their decisions, just as they do the financial cost. Together with Corporate Traveller, he said, “we are transforming how individuals can travel with greater responsibility, lower emissions, and ultimately build a path towards net zero.” This functionality will initially be integrated into Melon — Corporate Traveller’s travel management platform — to offer a range of features that make direct use of the Thrust calculator and build upon Melon’s capabilities. The first of these to be delivered will be a CO2 reporting dashboard alongside the ability for customers to view emissions data for flights, hotels and car rentals throughout the booking journey. A carbon emissions search results filter and sustainable hotel badging will be introduced with further features to be added in line with evolving customer demands.

Alongside the ability to measure carbon footprints, Corporate Traveller is also partnering with environmental company Trees4Travel to help customers fast-track to their net-zero goals through carbon positive travel. By turning trips into trees, customers will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and restoring biodiversity in developing countries while providing support and income to local communities. Using the Thrust calculator, Corporate Traveler will calculate and provide a customer’s carbon emissions data to Trees4Travel to determine the equivalent number of trees to be planted to make each trip “planet and people positive.” Trees4Travel will also provide a reporting dashboard to enable customers to keep track of their progress.