Corporate Traveler, a travel management company, has added a new corporate card in partnership with Ramp, a finance automation platform. Initially available in the US, the initiative, according to the companies, is the first step in providing an integrated end-to-end fintech solution that combines payment and expense management within Melon’s next-generation features. (Melon is Corporate Traveler’s recently introduced travel management platform.) The new product, according to an announcement, is also a first of its kind partnership in the US market for both companies. Chris Lynes, senior vice president for Corporate Traveler in the US, said the card complements Melon’s “powerful capabilities and rich content.” With an emphasis on savings and efficiencies, the Ramp corporate card, according to the announcement, provides “a robust suite of accounting-related benefits that will enable corporate clients to intelligently control and cut back on costs — removing some of the biggest pain points that hinder growth.” Ramp’s all-in-one payment and spend management system, said the announcement, provides users with a host of features that go beyond what a traditional credit card typically offers — from super-fast automated expense matching and reports to streamlined approvals processes and real-time spend visibility across any device.