Corporate Traveler, the travel management company specializing in startups and mid-market businesses, has partnered with HotelHub on a hotel booking solution within Melon, Corporate Traveler’s digital platform. The solution has already been implemented for Corporate Traveler’s consultants and clients using Melon in the US and Canada. HotelHub’sbooking technology, according to an announcement, not only aggregates hotel content seamlessly from multiple GDS and non-GDS channels in a single intuitive interface in the agent desktop, but it also standardizes rates and room types across these channels and ensures no hotel property is duplicated.

All sources of Corporate Traveler’s hotel content in the US and Canada have already been integrated via HotelHub within Melon, as well as clients’ preferred hotel programs and any rates negotiated by the TMC, or by individual clients. This means that Corporate Traveler consultants making bookings within Melon can accurately compare property types and room rates and give “unparalleled choice” of customized hotel content to their clients. Melon has also implemented HotelHub’s API, which connects with the corporate client’s preferred online booking tool, giving bookers and travelers access to the same rich hotel content and digitalized booking experience. The technology solution also fully automates and streamlines the entire hotel booking workflow for Corporate Traveler’s consultants, greatly improving operational efficiencies. Billback payment modes have been enabled within the platform, including virtual cards, to streamline payment processes.