Cirium, a supplier of airline data analytics, has developed a new technology suite called Nexavia that promises to enable airlines to be more flexible when working with corporate customers. According to an announcement, the suite of tools features a corporate contract management system, airline waivers, trips and flight status as part of the portfolio. According to the company, the suite offers: automation and agility (managing thousands of corporate contracts in one platform, improving efficiency, speed and providing a unified vision for an organization); data management (a data ingestion process that’s simple and quick, with faster access ensuring a more profitable corporate relationship}; user flexibility (making it easy to import data and analyze performance quickly); and advanced analytics (flexible reporting, transparent collaboration between departments, and quickly identifying contracts requiring attention). Mike Malik, CMO, said Nexavia represents the next generation of corporate travel management. He said Cirium has worked with stakeholders to identify their pain points when it comes to corporate contract management. Based on that insight and hundreds of years of collective airline-related experience, he said, “we’re building Nexavia from scratch and doing so iteratively.”