A new survey from Egencia, the business travel arm of Expedia, found that most US business travelers (55%) believe artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) advances can improve their travel experiences, but also recognize the need for balance between technology and human interaction. Michael Gulmann, chief product officer at Egencia, said that similar to disruptors in other technology-led industries, “investments in new technologies such as AI and VR (virtual reality) that simplify and improve the travel experience will win over business travelers and drive significant change in the corporate travel industry overall.” However, he added that businesses can’t rely on technology alone. “As proven by our research, it’s a balancing act for travel companies to ensure they embrace technology alongside mobile accessibility so that travelers are able to reach a live person anytime, anywhere.” According to the survey, business travelers outside the US have lower confidence levels and are far less optimistic about the use of technology overall.