Business travelers by a large majority (69 percent) prefer to book their flights digitally rather than have human interactions, according to new research from CWT, the TMC. That rises for hotel reservations (78 percent) and ground transportation (71 percent) while checking in for flights  was at 68 percent. However, travelers are more receptive to speaking to a person face-to-face when checking into their hotel (46 percent) and checking out (51 percent). Andrew Jordan, CWT’s chief product and technology officer, said,  “Digital interactions are taking over, so the travel industry must keep evolving to offer companies and their employees the experience they want and expect.” CWT’s research also shows that a significant percentage of travel is still booked through a computer screen – 45 percent in 2019 versus 53 percent in 2018 and 52 percent in 2017. But smartphones are catching up: 41 percent in 2019 versus 34 percent in 2018 and 32 percent in 2017. Tablets rank third with 11 percent, while only 2 percent of business travelers say they get booking help from a person.