Breeze Airways, the startup from JetBlue founder David Neeleman, will not launch until 2021. Scheduled to begin service this year, the carrier noted on its website: “Welcome to Breeze Airways, a new airline scheduled for take-off in 2021!” While no reason was given, multiple news sources speculated that it was due to the impact of the coronavirus on the aviation industry. The carrier’s plan had been to serve US city pairs that don’t currently have nonstop service. In a press release announcing the new airline, Neeleman said that “Breeze will fly nonstop service between places currently without meaningful or affordable service.” He said Breeze would be “the world’s nicest airline.” The carrier had leased 30 Embraer 195 aircraft to serve smaller markets. It had also ordered 60 new Airbus 220-300 airplanes to serve larger markets. Breeze was planning to emphasize point-to-point routes rather than a hub-and-spoke network.