The Brazilian Foreign Affairs ministry has announced the introduction of a new online electronic visa (eVisa) portal for citizens of the US, Australia and Canada. Beginning January 10, 2024, travelers from these countries must have a valid visa to enter Brazil.
The eVisa platform is designed to streamline the visa application and issuance process, which can now be completed entirely online. To apply, travelers need to register on the website and enter the requested personal information. The fee of $80.90 per person can be paid through the payment portal.
Processing time can take up to five working days, and once approved, the traveler will receive an e-mail with a PDF file containing the eVisa. A copy of the eVisa should be printed to present to border authorities and a copy downloaded to the traveler’s smartphone.

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The eVisa is valid for the same period as conventional visas, which depends on the passport holders nationality. For US travelers, it’s 10 years; for Canadians and Australians, it’s five years. The eVisa is good for multiple entries during the approved validity period.
The visa requirement, which had been suspended in 2019, was reintroduced for citizens of the US, Canada, Australia and Japan in October 2023. The Brazilian government cited a lack of reciprocity with the four countries, but has signed a bilateral agreement with Japan that eliminates the need for visas for both Brazilian visitors traveling to Japan and Japanese visitors traveling to Brazil.
Details of the eVisa program are available at