In an open letter on its website, BCD Travel said in regard to the implementation of New Distribution Capability, “forcing solutions that aren’t completely ready into the market puts customers at risk and harms the ecosystem.”

While it did not mention American Airlines by name, the letter said that while the TMC is confident in its readiness, “the reality is that no one can offer a seamless customer solution by April 1.” That is the date the carrier said it would require travel agencies and online booking tools (OBTs) to connect to its NDC-based connections or else lose access to up to 40% of fares now available via third-party legacy channels.

“NDC is on a promising trajectory,” said the letter, “and BCD is optimistic that the near-term future may finally see the kind of corporate travel-relevant benefits that airlines have long propounded.” As the landscape continues to evolve, it continued, “we stand with our ecosystem partners in our commitment to delivering a superior experience to our clients in their channel of choice.”

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The letter quoted Mark Stansbury, manager, global travel, events and logistics services for Lockheed Martin, a client, as saying: “Unilaterally driven changes will drive further disruption as other partners in the ecosystem seek to compensate for poorly planned changes. The changes will entail additional costs to the end user — with no known substantive value to compensate.”

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