BCD Travel has introduced the SolutionSource Developer Hub. It gives technology creators API’s (application program interfaces) and developer tools they can leverage to build corporate travel solutions tailored for BCD Travel clients. This represents the next phase of SolutionSource, a platform introduced early last year to provide partners access to BCD technology and a marketplace of third-party solutions to corporate travel customers. Irina Matz, senior director of SolutionSource, said that giving developers access to modern tools and technology allows them to build and deliver solutions catered to the specific needs of customers. Yannis Karmis, senior vice president of product planning and development, said the company is expanding its focus to a much broader range of digital services that use global operating models and technology platforms to enable a unified customer experience. BCD Travel’s open platform supports corporate travel in four main areas: digital traveler experience, distribution simplification, data-driven innovation and delivery of global platforms.