An ATPCO advisory board comprising more than 30 airlines and more than 30 distribution channels has agreed upon a display standard for the domestic US version of Next Generation Storefront (NGS). NGS is a data standard designed to enable third-party distribution channels to find, sort and display the full product offerings of airlines in a consistent and impartial way. The data standard takes advantage of ATPCO's strategic position in the airline distribution ecosystem as the depository for fare and ancillary product filings. The standard will soon be published and the first distribution channels, including corporate booking tools and OTAs, could begin offering comparative shopping displays based upon the standard within a couple of months. Carrie DeMoss, ATPCO’s director of channel retailing, said that from a shopper’s perspective, “you are going to have a consistent understanding of airline offerings in one place.” For airlines, she said, NGS makes it easier to show multiple products and to encourage “buy-ups.”