Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) has successfully completed a joint proof of concept to determine the viability of using blockchain technology, with the ARC settlement system, to facilitate the reporting and settlement of United Airlines tickets. The airline in the test was previously unnamed. To enable the proof of concept, ARC partnered with Blockskye, which provides blockchain solutions to the travel and entertainment industries. Dickie Oliver, ARC’s CIO, said the company is actively working to explore blockchain’s potential across all of its product offerings, especially its settlement system. He said that in the case of direct or indirect ticket sales, ARC believes blockchain has the potential to provide “a secure, distributed and immutable transaction record that will improve upon business processes that exist today.” ARC is working with United Airlines and Blockskye to test this technology with one of the airline’s corporate customers (unnamed). If this pilot proves successful, ARC will offer the capability to other airlines.