Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) and Sabre Corporation have signed a cooperative agreement to ensure that travel agencies can easily align with future airline distribution strategies. This collaboration, said the companies, will provide a seamless way for agencies to report and settle transactions regardless of an airline’s chosen distribution model, including New Distribution Capability (NDC). The agreement “modernizes” a 30-year contract between the two companies for reporting and settlement services. ARC continues to work with other technology partners to help the industry move forward by ensuring accurate and trustworthy settlement services across the distribution landscape. This agreement, said Mike Premo, ARC’s CEO, focuses on the success of agencies “during this dynamic time of omnichannel distribution.” Kathy Moran, vice president of NDC for Sabre, said the company takes a “holistic” approach to NDC so buyers in the Sabre marketplace are prepared to shop, book and service NDC offers. The new agreement, she said, represents that commitment and provides the flexibility needed to ensure that travel agencies can seamlessly process tomorrow’s transactions.