American Express Global Business Travel has launched Rest Assured Solutions, a technology aimed at helping travel managers reduce out-of-policy lodging bookings. The solution brings together various accommodations systems and addresses challenges travel managers face with rogue spending and confusion over policies. Rest Assured Solutions provides travelers with a range of products and services, including exclusive hotel prices, a rate guarantee and GBT’s payment system, Virtual Payment Expert. The platform provides access to properties from the company’s partnership with, as well as loyalty program member rates from hotel chains and private accommodations via other online travel agencies such as Expedia and WWStay. Wes Bergstrom, Amex GBT’s vice president for hotel strategy, said travelers want to do the right thing for their companies, and the research shows there is an opportunity to redirect the “good intentions” of out-of-policy bookers by proactively addressing common misconceptions about getting a better price, choice or experience elsewhere.