American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) and Shell Aviation announced an alliance for making sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) available. This collaboration, according to the announcement, combines the buying power of airlines and GBT’s corporate business travel customers at scale to drive a major step in production and usage of SAF. This, in turn, would enable airlines and corporations to make progress towards long-term emissions targets. For many companies, according to the announcement, a return to flying for essential business travel is a crucial driver of economic growth. However, options to reduce air travel emissions, in line with wider net-zero emissions targets, are currently limited. Lower or zero carbon technologies such as hydrogen and electric flight are unlikely to impact at scale until mid-century. This leaves SAF, according to the announcement, as the only viable option for reducing emissions in the short to medium term. Compared with conventional jet fuel derived from fossil fuels, SAF has the potential to cut lifecycle emissions from aviation by up to 80%. Paul Abbott, CEO of GBT, said the arrangement could provide a turnkey solution for corporations working toward net-zero emissions. He said that aggregating corporate and airline demand was the most efficient way to drive the volume of investment needed to bring change at scale. By working with Shell, he said, “we aim to enable corporations and airlines to plot a course towards their own emissions targets, while acting as climate leaders and creating real change.”