American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) announced a new agreement with climate technology company Chooose to integrate its carbon emissions calculations across Amex GBT’s travel booking and reporting tools. The aim, according to the announcement, is to enhance Amex GBT’s sustainability solutions by increasing the precision and consistency of greenhouse gas emissions data and to build architecture for future carbon compensation.

Mark McSpadden, Amex GBT’s vice president of product strategy and user experience, said that flights are the single largest contributor to business travel emissions, so the first priority is to help clients keep up with evolving standards for calculating aviation emissions. He said Amex GBT is integrating solutions that give clients more choice, enhance tools with more granular CO2 calculations, and provide robust, consistent CO2 data across the suite of booking, tracking and reporting tools. This helps educate travelers, he said, “and drives real progress in sustainable travel.”

Amex GBT displays carbon emission data in its online booking tool, Neo, to help travelers make educated, sustainable decisions. The integration, said the announcement, will replace current calculation mechanisms used in Neo with seamlessly integrated emissions calculations from Chooose.

The new solution, said the announcement, will let travel managers select a preferred calculation methodology and seamlessly apply that preference across online booking, mobile app and itinerary solutions. In Amex GBT reporting tools, travel managers will be able to apply Chooose-powered emissions calculations to trips booked since 2019 for tracking, analyzing and managing carbon footprints.

Photo: Photo Contributor/New Africa/Shutterstock

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