American Airlines has informed travel agencies that it has begun returning fare content to legacy GDSs. The carrier had removed the fares in its previous effort to force agencies to use NDC. Basic economy fares will continue to be available only in NDC.

The airline also told agencies that it plans to begin selling dynamically priced fares in NDC channels soon. American will also offer bundled fares and ancillary purchases that will be available only through NDC.

The plans follow through on the announcement by American’s leaders last month that the carrier would reverse course and begin taking a carrot-driven approach to encouraging agencies to convert to NDC.

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American did not set a timeline for the introduction of dynamic fares and other NDC products. The airline also has not provided specifics on the bundles and ancillaries it will offer but has said more details will be provided in the coming months.

American launched a revamped incentive program for NDC bookings last week, paying commissions on sales of its three NDC bundles: Main Plus, Main Select and Flagship Business Plus. The carrier is also offering incentives for ancillary bookings of paid seats.