American Airlines canceled more than 1,600 flights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The carrier blamed weather in Texas and a shortage of flight attendants. The problems started when high winds shut down flights and prevented the carrier from using all runways at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, its busiest hub. That made it a challenge for American to get crews in position, and the cancellations accelerated through the weekend. In a note to employees, David Seymour, COO, said that to make sure the carrier is taking care of its customers and providing scheduling certainty for its crews, “we have adjusted our operation for the last few days this month by proactively canceling some flights.” He said the carrier was able to put most of the stranded travelers on other flights the same day. A spokesperson for the airline said it expects substantial improvement as the work week begins, although there will be residual impacts. During the pandemic, thousands of employees accepted cash incentives from American and quit their jobs voluntarily. The airline is now hiring employees to replace those who left.