American Airlines and JetBlue Airways have asked a U.S. judge to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit filed by the Justice Department and six states over the company's Northeast Alliance partnership. The suit, filed in September, alleges the deal would lead to higher fares in Northeastern US airports and seeks to dismantle the alliance. The airlines said in their plea that the alliance has been in place for nine months, but the suit does “not allege that it has caused a single higher price, any reduction in quality or the slightest reduction in output.” The partnership was announced in July 2020 and approved by the U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) shortly before the end of the Trump administration. The Justice Department now says the alliance would cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars. The airlines argue the Justice Department and states should allow the alliance to continue to prove itself in the market. The agreement allows American and JetBlue to sell each other’s flights in their New York-area and Boston networks and link frequent flyer programs in a move aimed at enabling them to compete more successfully with large competitors in the region.