Amadeus is launching a wholly-owned business called Outpayce that promises to deliver “a smooth and connected travel payment experience across the traveler journey” and accelerate the pace of fintech innovation in travel.

The company has applied to the Bank of Spain for an eMoney license, so Outpayce can eventually provide regulated services to the European Economic Area, with the goal of issuing cards and open banking capabilities in travel.

The new entity will build on the company’s existing payments business with the launch of an open API-based platform that helps third-party payments and fintech companies connect quickly and easily to travel companies.
David Doctor will transition from his role as executive vice president, payments at Amadeus to lead Outpayce as its CEO beginning Jan. 1.

Payments are an integral part of the end-to-end travel experience, said Doctor, and the company’s aim is to ensure a smooth, integrated and connected payments experience in travel, whether that’s paying with virtual cards in the B2B space, or travelers choosing to pay in the currency of their choice with foreign exchange services. Through its application for an eMoney license combined with its investment in talent and technology, said Doctor, the company is well placed to improve its current service to customers as well as expand the range of services, geographies and customers it serves.

Decius Valmorbida, president of travel for Amadeus, said that travel is undergoing a once-in-a-generational digital transformation, “which means we can better connect the different stages of the traveler journey.” He said simplifying how people pay at booking, the airport and the hotel is fundamental if the industry is to maximize this opportunity. With this investment, he said, “Outpayce is ready to simplify travel payments across the entire trip.”