Amadeus announced a partnership with Microsoft and Accenture to develop new generative AI-powered integrations to support corporate travelers when completing complex travel-related tasks. Together, according to the announcement, the companies will “supercharge” the integration of generative AI-powered solutions within the travel industry. Key elements of the partnership include:

  • A generative AI-powered interactive assistant that will leverage Microsoft technologies, including GPT, to assist corporate travelers with elements of their journey from start to finish. (GPT stands for generative pre-trained transformers, a framework for AI models.)
Cytric Easy plug-in for Microsoft 365 Copilot, currently in development ¾ aiming to make it easy for colleagues to quickly match and book travel itineraries in a single, sophisticated workflow within Microsoft 365 using natural language prompts. Cytric Easy is an Amadeus tool. Microsoft 365 Copilot is an AI assistant.
  • A new era of hyper-personalized and hyper-contextualized business travel, designed to drive maximum value from each trip.
Rudy Daniello, executive vice president, Amadeus Cytric Solutions, said the new generation AI-powered chatbot will offer an enhanced way to book business travel, moving from a standard sequential display with predetermined filters to a dynamic, interactive conversational interface powered by ChatGPT. When the solution is fully realized, he said, “business travelers will be able to book trips with even greater ease, saving time.”

Miguel Flecha, managing director at Accenture and account lead for Amadeus, said the collaboration with Amadeus and Microsoft accelerates the integration of generative AI-powered solutions in the travel industry, driving innovation and reinvention. Cytric Easy, he said, “offers the corporate travel world new levels of efficiency, personalization and control while transforming the entire experience for the traveler.”

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Feliz Montpellier, general manager, global partners, Microsoft, said this is “an extraordinary moment in the technology landscape, where AI is reshaping industries like travel and transforming how people work.” Through expanded integrations between Microsoft and Amadeus, he said, “we will create more value for corporations and much more personalized and productive experiences for travelers.”