Almost all (90%) of travel managers and procurement professionals responding to a Global Business Travel Association survey said their travel spend would be lower in 2021 than in 2019, with the mean decline projected at 52%. There were a total of 733 responses to the survey; about half of responders were not travel managers or procurement professionals). Among the other findings of the survey (including all respondents): 9% said they require proof of a negative COVID-19 test before travel, while only 1% so far require proof of vaccination; 28% were optimistic about the financial prospects of companies in the business travel sector, while 26% were neither optimistic nor pessimistic, 31% pessimistic, 11% very pessimistic and 3% not sure; and 29% said their company had begun planning to host a meeting or event in 2021, while 58% had not and 14% didn’t know. Also, 9% said their bookings from corporate customers increased in the week before the survey (taken Jan. 11 to 18), while 55% said they remained the same, 25% said they decreased and 10% said they were not sure.