Almost all (96%) business traveler respondents to a survey conducted by SAP Concur said they are willing to travel for business over the next 12 months, including 65% who are “very willing.” Among the other findings:

• 92% are motivated to travel for business this year for personal reasons, including making personal connections with customers and colleagues (54%), experiencing new places (52%), and taking a break from their everyday lives (41%).

• That said, four in five business travelers worry that unless they increase business travel this year, their personal (80%) and professional lives (80%) will suffer.

• Respondents listed personal concerns about the ability to develop and maintain business connections (45%), making less money (38%), and not advancing in their careers (33%). In fact, one in five (18%) are worried they could lose their jobs if they are unable to increase their business travel.

• Respondents also felt that if business travel does not increase, it will be more difficult for their company to build new relationships (38%), and it would result in fewer new deals signed (37%) and fewer contract renewals with existing clients (34%).

• Heavy workloads and unused vacation days also mean workers want to make the most of any upcoming business travel — 89% say they will add personal vacation time to their business trips in the next 12 months.

• Almost a third (31%) say they would ask to limit travel if their company does not implement policies or measures to help protect their health and safety, while 20% would go as far as looking for a different position.

• Flexibility, such as choosing preferred transportation, lodging and travel dates, is now the most pressing need for business travelers, ahead of their vaccination-related demands (72% vs. 62%). In contrast, in 2020, ensuring personal health and safety while traveling was the most important consideration for business travelers.