Alaska Airlines announced the formation of a new LLC, Alaska Star Ventures, to advance emerging technology that will accelerate the airline’s progress toward net zero carbon emissions. For the inaugural investment by Alaska Star Ventures, the company partnered with UP.Partners, an early-stage investor in sustainable, multidimensional mobility technologies that are “transforming the moving world.” Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska’s vice president of public affairs and sustainability, said the company knows it can’t fundamentally decarbonize and achieve net zero carbon emissions alone. That’s why, she said, the airline is focused on discovering, partnering with, and enabling technologies that will allow it to take “real and meaningful steps on its five-part path to net zero now and in the years ahead.”  Cyrus Sigari, UP.Partners’ managing partner, said that with transportation as the underlying fabric of society, “selective and values-driven investments that move the industry toward sustainable aviation are key.”