Alaska Airlines announced it would reduce departures by 10% through the end of January in order to give itself “the flexibility and capacity needed to reset while continued flexible travel policies enable guests to adjust their plans accordingly.” This will also give the airline, said the announcement, “time and space to find our path forward together, with COVID-19 as a continued reality in our business and our world.” In the announcement, the airline said that the continued impacts of Omicron have been disruptive, and unprecedented employee sick calls have impacted its ability to operate the airline reliably. “We are deeply grateful for how our incredible employees have pulled together to take care of our guests and each other, operate safely and make the best of a very difficult situation,” the announcement continued. It concluded by apologizing to customers “for the considerable inconvenience”  and said the company is  “working hard to return to the level of service [customers] know and expect from us.”