AirPlus International, a provider of payment solutions, has partnered with Pana, a corporate travel platform for guest trips, including on-site interviews, customer visits and more. With the goal of improving the travel process for non-employee travel, the combined effort provides a simplified way to offer travel for recruits, contractors and other guests who are not direct employees. Pana provides a booking tool and chat platform that allows non-employee travelers to book their flight, hotel and rental car from an app. According to internal research from Pana, one in five business trips involve a non-employee traveler. Rebecca Kilby, CEO of AirPlus, said that paying for non-employee travel can be challenging both at time of payment and when reconciling to the proper department within the company. With Airplus’s virtual payment and Pana’s booking and concierge service, she said, the partnership alleviates “one of the larger out of policy pain points” that a company has to manage.