AirPlus International, a provider of virtual cards for business travel, has announced a partnership with Cornerstone Information Systems, a travel technology company. This will make using virtual cards for business travel payment significantly easier, according to the announcement. Through Cornerstone’s systems, businesses and their TMC’s will be able to automatically generate virtual cards for travel purposes such as hotel stays and air tickets. According to a recent GBTA study, 20 percent of travel managers are using virtual cards as a payment method. Diane Laschet, CEO of AirPlus, said that not only do virtual cards mitigate fraud during a data breach, they also provide the best transaction level detail, which allows a company to really see how its travel dollars are being spent. Mat Orrego, Cornerstone CEO, said the biggest challenge with using virtual cards has been a way to easily generate cards and bring that information back into a reservation “and our partnership solves that.”