AirPlus International, a provider of corporate payment solutions, is now offering virtual medical assessments  to customers who fall ill while on a business trip. The “Telemedicine Assistance Service” is available to users of the AirPlus Company Account and AirPlus Virtual Cards products in conjunction with AirPlus Travel Insurance at no extra cost. The prerequisite is that the trip lasts a maximum of 90 days and takes place at least 100 kilometers from the place of residence. The booking is made via the Doctor Please! app, which can be downloaded free from the Google and Apple app stores. There, travelers specify when and in which language they would like to be advised by a qualified general practitioner, either by phone or video call. The service is available around the clock and in six different languages. Michael Heilmann, executive director-marketing, said sick business travelers are often unsure how to find the right doctor locally and make an appointment. When abroad, he said, this is sometimes compounded by the language barrier. With just a few clicks, he said, customers will be connected with a competent doctor who will advise them in the language of their choice — without their having to leave their accommodation. Especially in times of the pandemic, said Heilmann, online consultations are a safe and convenient alternative. The service is not available in the following countries: Canada, China, Japan, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the US, as well as in Puerto Rico.